Plug In Now!

You're sitting on the couch, using your MacBook. You're trying to finish the last paragraph of that document. Or, you've been coding for awhile, and you just KNOW you're about to finally make that breakthrough. Just a couple more minutes, and you'll be done. All of a sudden, you see the notification pop up. This notification.

You've been dreading this moment. You knew that your laptop battery was in the red, but you let the situation go too far. You say to yourself: Ok, I just need a couple more minutes, and then I'll plug it in. You hit the OK button, continue typing, and promptly forget about plugging your laptop in.

A few minutes later, your screen goes black. You immediately realize that you completely forgot to plug your laptop in, because you got distracted by what you were doing. Now you have to find your adapter and wait while your laptop restores from memory and wakes back up (if it wakes up properly at all).

What if you could prevent this from ever happening again? What if there was an app that made you stop what you were doing and plug your laptop in before you could continue working? There is, and it's free!


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