A shopping list that learns where you shop, the order that you add items to your cart, and sorts itself automatically based on your location.

Automatic Learning

LocationList automatically starts learning if you arrive at a location and have any items on your list that haven't had their order learned yet for that location, then switches learning mode off once they are all learned. All you have to do is check things off of your list as you shop, and LocationList does the rest.

Mark as unavailable at a particular location

With LocationList, a simple tap-and-hold marks an item as unvailable at a location (by graying it out) so that you can still see that you need the item, but have it be less prominent so you can more easily see the other things on your list that you can actually buy from that location.

Built by someone who actually shops for groceries

LocationList is built by someone who understands that a shopping list app needs to be fast, useful, and get out of your way. That's why even though LocationList is very powerful, it does all of the heavy lifting for you, so all you need to do is add items to your list, add locations, and check items off as you shop. It does the rest, even tending to small but important things like resetting your list when you're done shopping (Can you believe that other apps make you hit 3 buttons just to tell them you're done shopping?) Crazy.

I wrote LocationList to solve a problem that I have a lot: I buy things that are available at multiple stores (such as eggs, milk, bread, etc) but every store's layout is different. So sometimes, I find myself halfway across a store before I realize that something on my list is 6 aisles behind me, because my list is out of order.

There are apps that let you order your shopping list. There are apps that try to help you sort your grocery list into sections, but not all stores have things in the same sections, so you still end up with a list that's out of order if you go shopping somewhere else. I wanted a list that learned automatically based on what I do in a store, and reorders itself for me. LocationList is that list.